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Fresh from the garden

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Well this week has brought some wonderful fresh fruit and veg from the garden. We had enough to swap some with neighbours and parents to get a good variety of fresh produce.

We had a good crop of gooseberries that made a lovely crumble on Monday.

Our neighbours gave us a couple of great cucumbers from their greenhouse and we had some lettuce from my parents. Both made a lovely fresh salad that we had with grilled salmon this evening (really good time to get salmon at the moment).

Our strawberries are coming to an end now but should be just enough for a lovely fresh fruit salad for the weekend.

If our broad beans hadn’t been eaten by slugs they would alo be coming into season about now. I hope your beans managed to avoid the slimy little pests this year!


My pride & joy

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I thought I’d share the beautiful haven that is my garden.

I only have a small vegetable patch but it produces as much as the two of us can eat.

I have also planted a crab-apple and an apple tree along with raspberry, redcurrant and blackberry bushes lower down the garden.

The asparagus peas are in the top garden with the ornamental plants as they have delicate little red flowers.

I am very fortunate to be at the end of a cul-de-sac backing onto the canal, woodland and overlooking a golf course, so it is a very tranquil place.

I have a fire pit which has a bbq grill and pizza stone so hope to while away some long summer evenings out on the patio.

Rib-Eye Steak & Home-grown Vegetables

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We have a pair of beautifully juicy rib-eye steaks for dinner, although I think I’m┬ámore excited about the vegetables I’ve just collected from the garden.

We have wonderfully sweet broad beans and the first of the asparagus peas to boil, swiss chard and spring onions for a salad and a handful of fresh sage to fry with the steaks in butter.

Accompanied with some new potatoes smothered in melted butter and black pepper, it’ll be a very satisfying meal.

Garden Antics

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Hi folks,

Just a quick update on the gardening. It’s not too late to sow a few things outdoors. I have just put in the last of my peas, french beans, spinach, lettuce, beetroot and swiss chard. As the first of the leeks and onions come out over the next few weeks I can start planting out the winter brassicas.

The most exciting thing in the garden at the moment is the asparagus peas. They are currently displaying beautiful red flowers and are growing stronger by the day. There’s no sign of the peas yet but below is a shot of them in all of their glory!

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